Examining the history of Beech Grove while highlighting businesses that are seemingly "Invisible" by others

Beech Grove, Indiana

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hammel's Tavern

Lost Beech Grove History:

Hammel's Tavern on Main Street in Beech Grove, Indiana

Pictured above is Hammel's Tavern around 1930, located next to Brennan's Barber Shop at 4th and Main Street. It was a Beech Grove tradition. Over the years, the tavern was also a confectionery but settled on spirits for livelihood.

Hammel's Tavern on Main Street in Beech Grove, Indiana

In the 1956 photo above, Hammel's is decorated in celebration of Beech Grove's 50th anniversary. Aside from the decorative flags, the tavern remained virtually unchanged over the years.

Hammel's Tavern is long gone with another business taking it's place

Under family ownership, the bar was a true part of the community, actively supporting civic events and initiatives.  Through the years, Hammel's Tavern served many patrons their first legal alcoholic drink. 

Tokens for Trade from Hammel's Tavern 

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beech Grove Skate Park

The Beech Grove Skate Park

Photo of the Beech Grove Skate Park - Year and date unknown

The Beech Grove Skate Park was situated on an unused tennis court in Sarah Bolton Park.The obstacles included a 5-ft. tall quarter pipe; a half pyramid with a hubba/ledge combo on one side; a grind able pump bump, a wide 4-ft. tall flat bank and a two-level grind box. 
Sighting safety reasons, it was eventually removed and given to a church in Indianapolis, IN