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Friday, June 7, 2019

Lick Creek Cemetery Recognized

Beech Grove, Indiana (June 7, 2019) IBG — The significance of the Lick Creek Baptist Church and Cemetery can be seen near the Churchman Avenue entrance to Sarah T. Bolton Park in Beech Grove.

A sign commemorating the early pioneers who were buried there was dedicated Saturday at a special ceremony hosted by the Beech Grove Historical Society and the Samuel Bryan Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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“There is a lot more history in this little spot than people realize,” stated chapter vice-regent Patti Moy. “This assures us that their memories will live long after we are gone.”

Moy launched her DAR New Horizon Project and will continue to find more information about the deceased there, including a War of 1812 soldier and five Civil War soldiers. She said that it may take one to two years to compile much of her research and to share it completely with Beech Grove residents.

The cemetery

The cemetery was founded in 1827 and covered over when the land was made into a park. When the church broke up, its members formed Zion Church 150 years ago. Pastor Dr. Phillip James and member Pamela Baird represented the church and its nearly 200-year heritage.

“Hopefully, people will now know there was a cemetery here,” said Dick Templin of the Beech Grove Historical Society.

The Samuel Bryan Chapter formally stated: “This marker is placed in grateful recognition of the significance of this site to our community. May it help to keep alive an appreciation of our own heritage. We pay tribute to all the men and women who lie here that served our country, raised our children, and provided a foundation for our current generations.”

The formal sign dedication also featured the presentation of the colors and a 21-gun salute by the Beech Grove American Legion and police and fire departments. Several representatives of the state DAR were special guests of the local DAR chapter.

The family names of those known to be buried at Lick Creek Baptist Cemetery are: Adair, Barnes, Bentley, Bodkin, Bryan, Carle, Coffman, Coverdill (Civil War), Evans, Ferree, Fisher, Gilbert, Graham (War of 1812), Hobart, Jennings, Jordan, Judd, Lewis, Ligenfelter, Lynn, Mann, Martin (2 Civil War), McCollum, McCoy, McFall McFarland, McLaughlin, McMullen, Minteeth, Monroe, Montugue, Oglesby, Reynolds, Schwert, Sears, Thomas (2 Civil War), Thompson, Tucker, Tull, White, Woodruff, and Yarbrough.

SOURCE: The Southsider Voice

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Home intruder loose in Beech Grove

Beech Grove, Indiana (June 6, 2019) IBG — A Beech Grove neighborhood is on edge after a family woke up to find a man in their house who was lurking near their children's bedroom.

A recent string of break-ins in the Byland Drive neighborhood has residents on alert. Wednesday, residents held a meeting to discuss what can be done.

A dozen people turned out to a Citizens Patrol meeting. They had a chance to talk face-to-face with police to ask questions, and see what they can do to help police catch the person responsible.

"We don't usually have this kind of thing in Beech Grove. This is a very safe little town," resident Janice Black said. Black attended Wednesday's meeting. "When something like this happens, everybody is upset and frightened."

Beech Grove Police are investigating two separate incidents near 6th Street and Byland Drive.

The first was over Memorial Day weekend.

Police say someone ripped out a screen of a home trying to get inside. However, police say the homeowners did not file a police report. Then Sunday morning just before 4 a.m. Beech Grove Police say a woman woke up to see a man standing in her hallway walking toward her children's bedroom.

That's when investigators said her husband grabbed his gun. But by the time he got to the hallway, the man was gone. Police released surveillance video of the June 2 incident that appears to show a young man running out of the home.

"I can't think of anything more shocking, to wake up in the middle of the night and see someone in your house," said Capt. Robert Mercuri with the Beech Grove Police Department.

"It's terrifying. We are looking out our doors, looking out our windows in the middle of the night, looking out for each other," said Phillip Reagan who lives in the neighborhood.

While police aren't sure if the two incidents are connected, they are beefing up patrols in the area until the man is caught. Police have a message for the man behind this.

"You better be careful because people are armed, and you go into somebody else's house, you could absolutely end up in a very bad situation," said Capt. Mercuri.

Police say it's important to lock your doors and windows as well as to get to know your neighbors. Capt. Mercuri also urges anyone who may come in contact with this intruder not to approach him, but to call 911 first instead.

If you live in Beech Grove, the Beech Grove Citizens Patrol are looking for volunteers.

If you know who the man is, call Beech Grove Police at (317) 782-4949.


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