Monday, December 25, 2017

The Hornet’s Nest Family Arcade

Beech Grove, IN (December 25, 2017) — The Hornet’s Nest Family Arcade offered pool tables, video and pinball games, snacks, and a place to relax. It was a fairly sedate downtown business that caused very little disturbances to Beech Grove’s quiet streets.

The Hornet’s Nest Family Arcade at  625 Main Street 

The Nest was usually busy during after school events but patrons remember the large crowds as very manageable. It closed in 1983.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sally’s Style Shop

Beech Grove, IN (December 18, 2017) — Main Street at one time had many places if you were shopping for fine women's outfits, elaborate dresses, dress shoes and even infant wear. Sally’s Style Shop located at 609 Main Street was one of the many places to go that fit the criteria.

Sally’s Style Shop at 609 Main Street

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Beech Grove Pharmacy

Beech Grove, IN (December 12, 2017) — Located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Main Street, the Beech Grove Pharmacy was a place for local gossip and cheap cigars. Chris Iverson operated it for 20 years, and then in 1967 he sold the business to John Curran, an employee since 1952. It closed in 1983.

Beech Grove Pharmacy at 528 Main Street

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Decaying: Beech Grove's oldest still standing building

Beech Grove, IN (December 7, 2017) — When Beech Grove became a town, the first formal school was located on the second floor of a new building, directly above Wheat’s Grocery Store at 417 Main Street - the oldest building still standing in the city.

Building at 417, Main Street

At the time the second floor was converted into teaching space, it was already deemed inadequate, but because there were no resources available to construct a school building, the town made do. Despite the small space, the second floor was functional, and the facility was used for the sole purpose of education.

The Beech Grove Historical Society placed a plaque on the first floor that commemorates the first school in Beech Grove. According to the marker, the first eight grades were taught in this location above the W.R. Wheat Grocery and Hardware Store. Mr. Lovett is credited as being the principal. The placement of the plaque, as seen today, is to the left of the second floor entryway.

Building at 417, Main Street today

A new one-floor school building was constructed in 1909, and classes were gradually transferred to the new facility. Official designation of the new building was Beech Grove’s high school came in 1917, with the first class graduating in 1921.

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