Examining the history of Beech Grove while highlighting businesses that are seemingly "Invisible" by others

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Black Hawk helicopter instructor finds second vocation

Beech Grove, IN  (December 7, 2018) — He filled various positions in the air and on the ground for nearly 37 years in all operations aspects of the Black Hawk helicopters based at the Indiana Army National Guard Aviation Support Facility near Fairland. Now, Kevin “Brick” Kyle is navigating in a different direction.

Kyle, a veteran Black Hawk pilot, instructor, instrument flight examiner, master gunner, trainer and evaluator of others, alongside his wife, Brenda, have owned Harvey’s, a tavern in Beech Grove, “Where Good Friends Meet,” for the past 10 months.

Kevin "Brick" Kyle pictured inside Harvey's

“It’s a joy. I enjoy the people,” Kyle said. “It’s been very enjoyable and different at times. We’ve seen a lot of progress as far as the number of customers. It’s been steady.”

Harvey’s has been part of Beech Grove’s downtown strip for nearly 70 years. Established in 1949, it had a long-standing reputation of being the best bar in town, according to Kyle. But, during the past decade or so that seemed to change. Its longtime owners retired in 2005, he said, and customers shared with them that business had declined.

“We didn’t know why numbers were down until customers started telling us this past February,” he said without elaborating. The Kyles bought the tavern on Feb. 1. “The word is out that there are new owners, so it’s turning around.”

The couple freshened up the d├ęcor by adding some framed photos that highlight Kyle’s military career, along with framed photos that preserve the history of the tavern. Brenda also painted a Black Hawk helicopter on the tavern’s front wall. They updated the menu, added weekly specials, and host local entertainment.

While he admitted he is probably like many men who dream of owning a bar someday, Kyle quickly pointed out that he is not the one in charge at Harvey’s.

He’s a co-pilot in this new venture.

“She’s the Boss Lady,” he said about Brenda. “She runs everything. She is the manager of Harvey’s day-to-day operations. I just help on weekends.”

Throughout the week, his time is spent in Edinburgh where 62-year-old Kyle manages the airfield flight services for Himsel Army Airfield Atterbury-Muscatatuck Training Center. The position opened its doors to him upon his civil service and National Guard retirement in 2016.

During his military career, Kyle earned numerous commendations, completed multiple courses at various military training schools, and completed several duty assignments.

He was deployed to Guatemala in 1998, completed a tour in Kuwait in 2001 followed by two tours in Iraq. Kyle was also deployed in the year 2000 to Montana for forest fire support and in 2005 to the Louisiana area for Hurricane Katrina. During his retirement ceremony in 2016, Kyle was presented the “Sagamore of the Wabash” supported by Vice President Mike Pence, who was Indiana’s Governor at the time.

As for the tavern venture, maybe Kyle wasn’t even the driving force to actually purchase the place, even though the ultimate purchase was a joint decision.

“Brenda had always wanted to open up a small wine bar,” Kyle said. “We had been looking.”

A friend told them about Harvey’s being for sale.

“I liked it because it was about the right size for a neighborhood bar,” Kyle said. “It allows for a nice crowd with entertainment and it’s a place where neighborhood people can come and not feel like they’re being crowded out by other visiting customers. People like a place they can call their own. There’s room for everyone here.”

Plus, there is an area next door awaiting future development for Brenda to possibly offer art classes, wine and canvas events, and children’s events, he said. “We have no grandiose plans to become millionaires,” Kyle said. “We just want to make a few extra bucks and enjoy working here.”

Changes to the 614 Main Street gathering spot will happen gradually, the first of which will be noticeable sometime after the first of the year. Harvey’s will be renamed 1949 Tavern to reflect its beginnings.

“We’ll stick to the initial plan, though,” Kyle said. “To build it into something to attract a regular crowd where they can get a drink and food.”

Weekly events are posted on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and the website at:

Story by: Luann Mason

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Saint Francis Hospital Walkway

Beech Grove, IN (November 20, 2018) IBG — Undated photo of the construction of a walkway over 17th Avenue from Saint Francis Hospital in Beech Grove, Indiana. This walkway provided people with a convenient and safe way to access the offices across the street in all kinds of weather.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Beech Grove Special Council Meeting-10/15/18

Beech Grove, IN (November 1, 2018) Special council meeting video for the City of Beech Grove, Indiana held on October 31, 2018 at City Hall. Video length: 1:49:22

Beech Grove City Council Meeting-10/1/18

Beech Grove, IN (November 1, 2018) Council meeting video for the City of Beech Grove, Indiana held on October 1, 2018 at City Hall. Video length: 1:21:52

Monday, October 29, 2018

Indiana Halloween Safety Map

Beech Grove, IN (October 29, 2018) IBG — There are nearly 10,000 sex offenders in the state of Indiana and more than 2,300 registered sex and violent offenders living in Marion County. We have inserted an interactive map of registered sex offenders throughout the State to help you to be aware of what is in your neighborhood.

The Indiana Sheriffs' Association also maintains an interactive sex and violent offender registry, including a map tool which allows you to search within a 2-mile radius of your house for listed offenders. The Indiana Sheriffs' Association also maintains an interactive sex and violent offender registry, including a map tool which allows you to search within a 2-mile radius of your house for listed offenders.

You can search Indiana's Sex Offender Registry and view the map here:

To search for offenders in your area, select your county from the map shown at the link above. After accepting the terms and conditions, click the "Search for Offenders in Your Area" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

TO VIEW A MAP: Enter your address, city and ZIP code into the forms presented. The website will create a map of all registered sex and violent offenders within a radius of .25-2 miles of your area, depending upon your settings. Offenders are listed by name and with photo and offense information as available.

TO VIEW A LIST: In the "Offender Search" screen, you can also generate a list of all sex and violent offenders in your city. Simply click the "City" tab and enter the name of the city you would like to search. Again, offenders are listed by name and with photo and offense information as available. The database also allows for searches of individual offenders by first or last name.

In Marion County, sex offenders are required to hang a sign on their front door, turn off the lights and not pass out any candy.

"We require who we're watching to stay at their homes, unless they are pre-approved to go to work. We have them stay in their homes, shut off their lights in front of their house and have a sign up that they aren't go to participate in Halloween this year," said Drew Adams, District Supervisor, Dept. of Corrections.

OUR QUICK SEARCH: You can also use our interactive map below to see how many predators are in your area. This interactive map is Statewide. To zoom in or out, use the + or - feature at the bottom right of the map. Once you zoom, you are able to click on a dot and an information window will pop out. You can also click on satellite on the top left that shows houses and streets.

Halloween is just around the corner and kids will be out in force, even though the weather may not cooperate, as a community, lets keep our precious ones safe.

SOURCE: Indiana Sheriffs Association