Thursday, April 19, 2018

Beech Grove students visit Italy

Beech Grove, IN (April 19, 2018) — Led by Beech Grove Middle School art teacher Jonee Sutton, Beech Grove middle schoolers and their chaperones experienced the thrill of a lifetime by visiting Italy over spring break. The highlights of their trip included viewing architectural wonders and art masterpieces.

The children are (in no particular order) Devon Alderman, Etta Allen, Karinne Bailey, Jolynne Bogard, Cheyenne Boone, Quinten Brooks, Julie Butcher, Georgia Cailey, Jennifer Carreto, Abigail Colson, Kaleah Estep, Isabella Foster, Renae George, Kyla Goebel, Christopher Hammer, Alyssa Harrell, Jace Hodge, Hanna Horsley, Shelby Howard, Kimberly Jinks, Tobias Kinder, Nathan Laker, Ava Lantzer, Ian Laughlin, Jessica Qualls, Grace Randall, Hannah Roe, Riley Rose, Sophia Simon, Kyle Sutton, Kelsey Terry, Daneja Troutman, Lily Turner and Zoe Wilson.

Also enjoying the scenery are Chrystal and Christopher Hammer

PHOTOS: Chrystal Hammer