Saturday, January 19, 2019

Beech Grove Moose Lodge Moving Forward

Beech Grove, IN (January 19, 2019) IBG — Christmas miracles do come true ... just ask Michele Campbell of the Beech Grove Moose Lodge. When learning in November that the lodge’s board voted to close January 2nd, she and some of her fellow female members vowed not to go down without a fight.

Beech Grove Moose Lodge #1883 is located at 3320 South Emerson Avenue in Beech Grove, Indiana

“There was a group of women and families that didn’t want to see it close, so we wrote letters to International (the governing body) and District headquarters telling them that many members were really willing to help keep it open,” Campbell said, “and they listened to us. We have a new board, and we have six months to prove we can turn the club around.” Campbell said the board has a great attitude. “These guys will work.

We will clean the lodge throughout and paint it. Everyone is coming in and wanting to know what they can do. “We have good leadership. Rick Skirvin is a new board member. He owns Night Owls Saloon and Grill in Beech Grove. He’ll help to run this place like a business.” The board will also rely on the knowledge of longtime member Jerry Erisman. “He really knows the workings of the lodge,” Campbell said. “We are very optimistic. We are working well together.”

Chartered in 1962, Moose Lodge #1883 at 3320 South Emerson Avenue, is known for its camaraderie and philanthropic activities, most notably its Toys for Tots and Christmas programs for the needy. “We also have Christmas, Easter and Halloween parties for the children. We also work with senior citizens and are involved with the community year-round,” said Campbell, who is excited that the club is reintroducing some of its old programs. “We are going to serve food and have entertainment on the weekends."

The lodge serves all-you-can-eat fried fish dinners on Fridays

The menu includes all-you-can eat fish and other good food. And since Campbell’s Christmas miracle came true, she sees no reason why the lodge won’t be open for a visit from Santa come December.

You can keep up to date on the lodge on their Facebook page below.

SOURCE: The Southsider Voice