Monday, March 11, 2019

Daniels’ Daily Dose: What a Weekend!

Beech Grove, IN (March 11, 2019) IBG — What a weekend for BGCS and the community of Beech Grove!  From BG Jubilaires winning Grand Champions at Brownsburg on Friday night to our boys’ basketball team playing in the Regional Finals (final 8 teams in 3a) at Greencastle.  Downtown, on a rainy and windy Saturday, our teachers joined other teachers across the state to fill up the statehouse for the ‘Red for Ed’ rally while at Lucas Oil Stadium our BGMS Robotics team competed in the state finals!

Construction helmet honoring Coach Matt English - Photo: BGHS The Hive

I would like to speak on the boys’ basketball team and the amazing heart and toughness they showed this weekend while also thanking a long list of people who helped make a great day possible!
The team won the first game of the day against the host school, Greencastle, which was BG’s first regional win since 1966.  While our fans were probably outnumbered 5-1 in the stands, you would’ve never known because our BG cheer section was so LOUD!  The night game brought even more of the BG community and we filled up the stands with black and orange to support our team.  We lost in the regional championship game to Crispus Attucks but our team never quit!  THANK YOU – Beech Grove staff and community for making the long drive to cheer on our basketball team.

1. Athletic/Coaching Staff – Thank you for all the planning and efforts that happened this week going into this weekend.  Also, for giving up your weekend to prepare for the games, and make sure our players were taken care of this weekend!  It’s been a very challenging season for many reasons but in the end, we couldn’t be more proud of the result and your dedication!

2. Bus Drivers – Often times overlooked, but thank you for safely transporting our students and coaches/teachers to and from their destinations.  Also, sacrificing most of your weekend to do so!

3. Coach Fangman and Cheerleaders – Thank you for organizing the student fan bus, sharing your bus space, and leading our BG fans in cheer after cheer, louder and louder each time!

4. BG Pep Band – Thank you, Cory and Jon, for competing in a competition Saturday morning and then getting your Pep Band together for Saturday night to bring, as always, the best pep band music around!
Only one more week until Spring Break!  Make it a great one!

STORY: Quinten Starks on Mar 11, 2019