Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Looking Back: The Beech Grove Shops

Beech Grove, IN (February 27, 2019) IBG — The Beech Grove facility had been transferred to the control of the New York Central Lines and at one time operated over 2,000 miles of track in the eastern half of the country, providing both freight and passenger service from the East Coast all the way to the Mississippi River. During this time, the railroads were about the only travel method of choice for any long trip.

The massive complex in full swing after the recent addition of a new passenger paint and trim shop.

Various railroad companies aggressively competed for passenger business by introducing express routes between several major cities and offering more comfortable travel with club and dining cars and sleeping accommodations. The many staging tracks at the Beech Grove Shops are filled with cars awaiting either maintenance or some upgrading.

The Beech Grove Shops earned a reputation for first-class innovation and workmanship, providing passengers on the New York Central Lines the most modern amenities.

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