Thursday, February 14, 2019

Skirvin announces run for Beech Grove Mayor

Beech Grove, IN (February 14, 2019) IBG — Rick Skirvin has announced that he will run for Beech Grove Mayor. Skirvin, a Republican, will be running against current Mayor Dennis Buckley, who is seeking a third term in the primary election May 7th.

Rick Skirvin is running for Mayor of Beech Grove, Indiana

"I feel as a community we can do better; we have undeveloped properties, empty storefronts, a lack of parking on Main Street and an administration that lacks experience in business". Skirvin said. "I want to bring transparency and fairness to the citizens and re-establish Main Street as a destination". 

Skirvin owns several small businesses, including one in Beech Grove. He has served on the  Beech Grove School Board and the Beech Grove Parks Department. In addition, he is a Board member of the Beech Grove Moose Lodge #1883.

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He also volunteers annually with the Appalachian Service Project, a faith based organization that assists families and attempts to eradicate substandard housing in Central Apalachicola.

"My family also volunteers at Homeless and ReEntry Helpers downtown feeding the homes. In my spare time I also minister the sacrament of marriage to Beech Grove residents free of charge".

A lifetime resident of Beech Grove, Skirvin graduated from beech Grove High in 1987 and attended IUPUI for Criminal Justice. He has four kids who all attend Beech Grove City Schools: Alex Holsclaw, Aeriel Skirvin, Nick Ward and Ricky Skirvin. 

From Rick Skirvin: 

As the father of fourth-generation “Grovers” and a 1987 graduate of BGHS, I, Rick Skirvin, want to see Beech Grove grow to the next level. That’s why I’m announcing that I’m running on the Republican ticket for Beech Grove Mayor. While advances have been made in the past eight years, part of my vision is to work with business owners to help further develop visibility for Main Street. I want to make new businesses feel welcome. Main Street is the jewel of Beech Grove. I look to attract more anchors, address parking issues, help businesses cut through red tape, and deal with other challenges they face today, as well as focus on transparency. 

Plus, details matter. I envision that when residents from Indianapolis and surrounding areas come to Beech Grove, they’ll immediately know they’re in our City, because of our enhanced identity, such as our streets being ploughed, our fire and police vehicles, special signage, and more. I want our City to maintain its autonomy with the services the City provides. We’re our own City. We Are Beech Grove, which means it’s important that we maintain our own sewers and not lose additional utilities and services that we have to date.

Open and honest communication and running a positive campaign are also keystones to my campaign. In talking with residents in my leadership roles as a 13-year school board member and former president, a current business owner, a 13-year Parks board member and former president, a former Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy, and a trustee of the Beech Grove Moose Lodge, I know people want every avenue of communication available to them. That’s why I look to develop a Beech Grove City Facebook page, just like the one I set up for the Parks Board. Residents love it. It’s updated regularly, so residents can easily access the latest information on what’s happening with our Parks. 

With 45% of our community consisting of rentals, I want to help be the voice and provide a package of services to realtors, homeowners, and tenants that entices buyers to invest in our City, become stakeholders and realize the value we offer. And, instead of issuing citations, I want a committee to knock on doors and talk to residents to find out what help they need to keep their properties up and provide the resources to make that happen. Again, it’s another example of open, honest communication. 

So, please join me in this exciting time of change and allow me to help you continue Beech Grove’s Pride momentum now and into the future. -Rick Skirvin

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